Why Digital Marketing Adoption Level?

Digital Marketing Adoption is perhaps the largest barrier to local businesses perceiving value in digital marketing products and services.  This has been Updopt’s founding premise and it is as true today as it was in 2004, 2011 or 2019.  When prospects lack experience or do not understand a product or service or its benefits, they also do not understand the value.  This is problematic for a sales organizations that are already challenged by establishing trust and authority to complete the sale.  Sales organizations are already challenged by establishing trust and authority to complete the sale and many cite; knowledge, lack of expertise, industry terminology and bad previous experiences with vendors as the primary barriers.  It is fair to say that the more the barriers, the greater the effort or cost in overcoming them.  In short, the lower the adoption level, the higher the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and the Cost to Serve (CTS).

At Updopt, we see these barriers as one thing; an “adoption level” and we can measure that from business to business and vertical to vertical.  By scoring the Digital Marketing Adoption Level (DMAL), a sales organization already knows which prospects are going to be more costly to acquire, are less likely to have better than average retention and will be more costly to support.  This can be applied to existing lead scoring or AI algorithms to reduce CAC and CTS, increase the sales conversion ratios and motivate your teams.

The DMAL is fast and easy method to better your sales metrics but, there are additional long term benefits as well.  When DMAL is used correctly, the details used to develop the scoring can be re-purposed into the messaging as well.  For example, your prospect communications can be unique and specific to the challenges a local business has in their digital marketing program.  Emails, mailers, leave behinds and calls can be personalized to add value with each message and to engage customers with relevant information to start conversations.  You never know what is top of mind but, you already have an understanding of their concerns.  Most importantly, you will develop trust, authority and appreciation even when customer are not acquired.  This elevates your brand above the competition.  They see and appreciate the value in this approach and will remember what you have provided.  This is how you beat out incumbents, keep prospects engaged without alienating them and they will look to you eventually.

  • Improved lead ranking – identify low adopting prospects

  • Enhanced conversions– identify prospects who can wee value

  • Longer retention – know who will stay longer

  • Increase revenue – focus on the best prospects

  • Reduce CAC – less cost educating, more time selling

  • Insights – know exactly what to engage around

Digital Marketing Adoption Level is the one thing digital marketers can use use to rapidly impact both the top and bottom line in sales and service.