Digital Marketers: Growth through Value

Despite the very large opportunity, the products and selling approaches have not realized the market’s potential.  Only a few Digital Marketers serving Local Business are generating sustainable revenue margins or growth and, there are still only a few standout successes.

Digital Marketers have faced barriers in engaging with Local Businesses.  Innovations have moved well ahead of the ability of many of these businesses to adopt and consume products and services.  Some just don’t have the knowledge to understand the value properly, leaving them feeling vulnerable and confused during the selling process and wary once sold.  Most Digital Marketers are resigned to competing for Local Businesses who have already moved through the adoption process.  Unfortunately, they are all competing for the same businesses; the “top” of the proverbial local business pyramid. Meanwhile, the real promise of the market, the middle and lower sections remain underserved.

A with data largely ubiquitous and the general business adoption of AI, the traditional barrier of knowledge, expertise, terminology can be detected and costly prospects can be eliminated.  These tools, use a multitude of data sources and, have data science built in to provide the most current information on Local Business’ digital footprint at lower costs.  With these low expenditures and increased insights, Digital Marketers can efficiently target the optimal businesses to ensure they already have adopted to digital marketing. By assessing their Digital Marketing Adoption Level (DMAL) they can offer low cost introductory products that provide high value while gaining trust and authority.

The promise of this new class of products and services is that Sales organizations become more efficient and, Customers are more engaged while moving quicker through the Digital Marketing Adoption Process.

  • Improved adoption – easy to use and learn

  • High retention – clearer value perception

  • Lower CAC– better prospect adoption

  • Real-time insights – personalized calls to action & engagement

  • Simple integration – we customize to fit all shapes and sizes

  • Better prospect – we target based on your specifications

The Updopt APIs are fully documented and accessible to partners.  Its partners can utilize the same API and platform Updopt uses to develop products.

Leveraging the technical architecture and domain knowledge of the Updopt team allows its partners to increase the speed of their product roadmap while reducing risk and cost.

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