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A New Direction


A New Direction A new year brings a new direction and a new website for Updopt.  Our intent remains the same;  easing the adoption of Digital Marketing for [...]

A New Direction2020-01-08T20:56:50+00:00

Digital Marketing in 2020


2020 will have many Digital Marketers pivoting to Customer Experience and how they perceive your value.  Delivering exceptional customer experiences should be the goal of every department.  It will take cultural change to accomplish this, moving through barriers and silos to instill the Customer viewpoint and how they perceive the value of your products and services.

Digital Marketing in 20202020-01-07T23:09:21+00:00

Why Digital Marketing Adoption Level?


Digital Marketing Adoption is perhaps the largest barrier to local businesses perceiving value in digital marketing products and services.  This has been Updopt's founding premise and it is as true today as it was in 2004, 2011 or 2019.  When prospects lack experience or do not understand a product or service or its benefits, they also do not understand the value. 

Why Digital Marketing Adoption Level?2020-01-07T18:30:56+00:00

Digital Marketers: Growth through Value


Despite the very large opportunity, the products and selling approaches have not realized the market’s potential. Only a few Digital Marketers serving Local Business are generating sustainable revenue margins or growth...A new class of Digital Marketing Products and Services is being introduced to Marketers that eliminate these barriers...

Digital Marketers: Growth through Value2020-01-07T21:36:21+00:00


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